Ultra low thermal shrinkage glass for displays which is optimal for high resolution displays such as smart phones and tablet PCs, etc.


  • Glass Substrates for TFT-LCD Displays
  • Glass Substrates for OLED Displays

Today, high-resolution displays, such as low-temperature poly-silicon (LTPS) LCDs and OLEDs, are more commonly used in smartphones and tablets. The quality and productivity of such high resolution displays are highly dependent on the thermal shrinkage of the glass substrates that are used. For this reason, glass substrates used for high resolution panels are required to have minimum shrinkage from heat processing during the manufacturing process.

Minimize shrinkage during the heat processing to enhance the quality and productivity of high resolution panels

Glass substrates optimal for low-temperature poly-silicon (LTPS) LCDs and OLEDs

  • Significantly low thermal shrinkage
  • High Young’s modulus with low sagging
  • Fast etching in panel-thinning process
  • Good photo elastic constant (improvement of panel contrast)

AGC’s glass substrates are produced using the float process which is suitable for production of low thermal shrinkage glass as the glass is cooled down gradually through a long annealing process. In addition, this optimal glass composition has drastically minimized the thermal shrinkage of glass substrates, leading to the expectation of improvements in quality and productivity of high resolution panels.