Heat generated increases in high power LED applications.
However, GCHP? improves the durability of LEDs through a wide range of wavelengths, including the IR~UV bands and enables them to be used for high-power applications, as they are more reliable than conventional resin and alumina substrates in terms of heat dissipation and discoloration. In addition, its reflectivity is 20% higher than that of alumina substrates, so intensity may be increased effectively.
GCHP? heat release performance can increase the output power which supports the growing demands in semiconductor lasers market


  • Visible LED
    automobile, residential and commercial lighting, interior and exterior lighting, traffic road, tunnel lamps, replacement of Hg lamps, security lighting, medical light, etc.
  • IR LED
    driving monitor, security cameras, sensing camera, night vision
    gesture recognition, communication lamp, etc.
  • UV LED
    resin curing, sterilization, water purification, medical lamp,
    color rendering, etc.
  • Semiconductor Laser(EEL/SEL/VCSEL)
    headlamp, projector, 3D sensing, ToF camera,
    autonomous driving system (LiDAR), etc.

Water purification

(visible LED)

Sensors on Autonomous
driving (VCSEL)



  • Integrated development from glass material to finished products
  • High optical reflectance over a wide range of spectrum (UVC-NIR)
  • High heat release efficiency for high power applications
  • Package size reduction capability by 3D circuit integration (multilayer)
  • High reliability realized by glass (no color change)
  • High hermetic properties of dense glass
  • Prevention of solder cracking by glass


GCHP? (Glass Ceramics Hybrid Package) is a newly developed glass ceramic packaging substrate combining of LTCC(Low Temperature Co-fired Ceramics) and advanced AGC glass material technologies.

GCHP? has various advantages as mentioned above. Using the high reflectivity, high reliability and high heat release efficiency, it is suitable for automotive exterior lighting (headlight). GCHP? also has high reflectivity outside visible spectrum, it is also suitable for high power UV-C LED and NIR LED where demands are rapidly increasing for next generation devices. We can design GCHP? packaging for edge emitter laser (EEL), surface emitting laser (SEL) and vertically cavity surface emitting laser (VCSEL). Our design is most suitable for the recent market trend requirement of high output power . Especially VCSEL, which attracts increasing attentions for 3D sensing and LiDAR, requires high heat release performance and high reliability, so that it is also one of the suitable applications of GCHP?.

[Example of usage]

Pictures below are schematic cross sections of LED/LD mounted GCHP? packaging . Because the GCHP? substrate has high reflectance, it can reduce optical losses caused by multiple internal reflectance (left Picture). The ability to integrate metal heat sink allows fast release outside of the package of heat generated by the LED/LD chip. For sensing and imaging applications, light source modules are assembled with optical components. such as lenses, diffusers, and DOEs. In AGC, we can provide solutions with these optical components as well.

【high reflectivity of GCHP?
【high heat release structure of GCHP?

Schematic pictures of Cross section of LED/LD mounted GCHP? packaging example.

Thanks to aforementioned advantages, GCHP? contributes to improve performance and reliability.