Sheet which has a hollow structure with integral molding through special techniques. It received the Good Design Award because of its unique design, and attracted attention in a wide variety of applications such as architecture and store interiors, etc. It has abundant variations of function, colors and plate thicknesses.


  • Wide variations
  • Ultra-lightweight, about 1/5 the weight compared to a general polycarbonate sheet (same thickness)
  • High heat insulation performance
  • High weather resistance specification on both surfaces for most of the product types
  • Received the Good Design Award
  • Excellent in shock resistance
  • It has a feature in which the flame goes out when moved away from a flame source, and there is less concern over toxic gas compared to plastics.
  • Working temperature has a wide range from -40℃ to +125℃

Product List

Brand Product name Color (pattern) Features
TWINCARBO? Standard 7 colors Abundant variations
TWINCARBO? Toughness Clear High rigidity and unique rib shape
TWINCARBO? Heat cut Pale green Energy-saving product with both heat shielding and heat insulation
TWINCARBO? i series 1 color For interior Fluorescent yellow
TWINCARBO? d series Alleviation plain Unryu (flying dragon)/Sudare (bamboo blind) Design series with Japanese style patterns
TWINCARBO? AS matte Clear/Milky yellow Antistatic printing on both surfaces
  • As of end of December 2013, sales of Easy Clean and Acrylic Series have ended.
    As of end of December 2014, sales of Sign Opal have ended.

TWINCARBO? standard


It is ultra-lightweight, about 1/5 the weight compared to a general polycarbonate sheet (same thickness), and the air space generated by the structure provides excellent heat insulation and heat conservation effect. As it has a SG processing (high weather coating), it also demonstrates high durability against yellowing and quality deterioration due to ultraviolet rays even outdoors. It can be selected from abundant color variations with 7 colors in total.

TWINCARBO? toughness

TWINCARBO? toughness 16mm

It has a feature of excellence in rigidity, and less distortion against weigh compared to “TWINCARBOTM Standard.”

TWINCARBO? heat cut

Pale green

Breakthrough energy-saving product which provides an interior environment while cool in summer and warm in winter, by giving TWINCARBO? a heat shielding function.

TWINCARBO? i series

Fluorescent orange

It emits beautiful light specific to fluorescent colors from a rib extending lengthwise and a cut section of TWINCARBO?. It still increases brilliance with black light, etc.

TWINCARBO? d series

TWINCARBO? d series Sudare (bamboo blind)

Special printing of an elegant and delicate Japanese-style pattern is applied on one surface. It also has a shielding effect which gently controls visibility and light, in addition to the original features of TWINCARBO?.



Product in which special printing with an antistatic effect is applied to TWINCARBO?, and dirt adhesion due to static electricity is reduced.