Polycarbonate Sheet, Thin Sheet, Film

Excellent in processability, flame retardancy, lightweight, and tough transparent material

Product introduction

  • Polycarbonate sheet

  • Hollow polycarbonate

    Sheet which has a hollow structure with integral molding through special techniques. It received the Good Design Award because of its unique design, and attracted attention in a wide variety of applications such as architecture and store interiors, etc. It has abundant variations of function, colors and plate thicknesses.

  • Polycarbonate thin sheet

    It is a 0.5 to 1.5mmt thin sheet. We have a lineup with general grade, and high functional grade in which flame retardancy, etc. is enhanced.

  • Polycarbonate film

    It is a roll film of 0.1 to 0.5mmt. There are a general grade, and high functional grade in which flame retardancy, etc. is enhanced, and optical grade.

Recommended products and color variations

  • Abrasion resistant (hard coat) grade

    Abrasion resistance is improved with a surface coating. Breakthrough sheet with cost reduction, while the bending feature is maintained with excellent weather resistance.

  • Flame retardant grade

    Grade in which flame retardant is especially enhanced, and V in UL94 (flame retardant specification) or V-0 at the highest level in VTM test or VTM-0 is acquired.

  • Antistatic grade

    Grade in which a coating with an antistatic effect is applied to the both surfaces, and dirt adhesion due to static electricity is decreased.

  • Color variations

    It has color variations of not only clear, gray, and bronze, but also white and black, etc.